Betala med Klarna!

Betala med Klarna!


Att snabbt kunna transportera sin skadade hund till veterinär, kan vara skillnaden mellan liv och död!

Before I started making the dog stretcher, I did a survey on social media. The question to those who had their dog injured while hunting was; How was your dog injured? How did you solve the situation of carrying your dog to the car or to the road? There were a lot of interesting answers that confirmed my thoughts. It is difficult to carry a larger dog. Here are some of the answers;

Kent ..”my Jämt dog was injured by a pig in the groin, the bites cut open the abdominal wall and damaged the uterine attachment and the spleen. It was not possible to carry her over the shoulders because she was in too much pain. Had to carry her in my arms but it was sickeningly heavy. Got help carry the last bit.”

Leslie ..”the cross strap came off on my beagle dog. It was impossible to carry her in my arms, I had to let her go by myself. It took all day to get to the car.”

Veronika ..”severe injury to front paw from a hound bite. Stopped the blood flow, wrapped her in a sweater and carried her out of the woods. Biggest problem was being able to carry her properly. With this injury I didn’t want to carry her the shoulders we trained on.”

Stefan ..” gunshot wound to jämthund sting. The bullet entered one groin, took a fallopian tube with it and out the other side. Tried to carry her in my arms but it didn’t work.”

Many accidents can happen to active dogs in the woods , broken bones, torn cruciate ligaments, wild boar injuries, predator attacks, moose kicks, snake bites to name a few. With forcanine’s fabric stretcher, you can feel safe in the event that an accident occurs and the dog is injured. You can directly focus on carrying the dog with you in as painless, quick and smooth a way as possible.

How to carry an injured dog?

Carrying a larger dog in your arms is difficult because it becomes very heavy, even if they only weigh between 10-15 kg. You quickly get very tired in your arms, and it is also more difficult to carry in terrain.
If you carry the dog on your shoulders, you have to hold it by the legs to keep it in place, and you have to hold on with both hands. In most cases, it will also cause the dog increased pain and you risk worsening the injuries if, for example, he has suffered joint or muscle damage to the extremities. If the dog has been mauled by a wild boar or predator, it is often a matter of severe, very painful injuries with large open wounds.

With the Forcanine dog carrier, you carry the dog safely and securely. You have full supervision of the entire dog, you can have control over whether the airways are free and major bleeding . Even if the peritoneum is distended with stomach contents but not for the body, you can carry it in the Forcanine dog stretcher.

With the forcanine dog stretcher, you can carry even a larger dog alone by distributing the weight so that you carry most of the weight with your hips, but also with one or two shoulder straps and the help of your arms. The dog becomes surprisingly easy to carry!

If there are two people, the stretcher can be carried in the traditional way if you thread ropes through the three handles on the long sides.  


S – up to 20 kg, suitable for drives, fine tip, 87 x 70 cm,.

M – 30 kg, suitable for greyhound, wachtel, schiller, standard hound, 100 x 83 cm, 460 g.

L – 40 kg, suitable for Jämthund male, fine trainer, vorsteh, 109 x 92 cm, 505 g. 

XL – 50 kg, suitable for Rottweiler, Large German Shepherd, Ridgeback, 120 x 107 cm.

Instructions - How to use the dog stretcher.

  1. Spread out the stretcher with the sewn-in hip belt towards you, so that the deepest part lies outwards, ie the part where the distance between the hip belt and the outer edge is greater than on the other side. 
  2. Fasten the loose hip belt to the fixed one.
  3. Place the dog on the stretcher.
  4. Kneel behind the dog’s back.
  5. Tighten the lap belt by pulling the loops on the belt.
  6. Attach the shoulder strap to the stretcher’s D-rings at the dog’s bottom.
  7. Place the shoulder strap over your shoulder with the looped end facing forward.
  8. Fasten the D-rings at the dog’s neck with the other carabiner of the shoulder strap.
  9. Grab the loops and lift the dog onto your knees.
  10. Tighten the hip belt and shoulder strap as much as possible.
  11. Stand up and tighten the straps to the desired length. Ready to go!
1. Fastsydd höftrem. 2 Lös höftrem. 3. Axelrem. 4. Ficka. 5. Handtag/D-ring. 6. Liten hake.

Polyester 100%, Pu-coated. Wear resistance 40/30N. Flame protection BS5867 / BS7837 UV-Resistant > UV4. Cold hardiness -30-40 degrees. Washing instructions 40° C, Do not tumble dry.

Made in Sweden. Warranty 5 years.